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We manufacture all types of PVC systems for your home or business

Doors Kömmerling

Discover doors KÖMMERLING high input resistance or the spectacular terrace enclosures.

Windows Kömmerling

Window systems with the latest advances KÖMMERLING in isolation and resistance.

Blinds and Shutters

Get the best insulation for your window.


What Kömmerling offer?

When choosing a system of windows or doors you must consider the following factors are decisive in the final outcome of your installation. And the further comfort and savings you will assume.

Acoustic isolation

Acoustic insulation is essential for a peaceful and comfortable home. Ensures proper rest and avoid stress situations sound that could harm your health and your family.

Thermal isolation

Windows with KÖMMERLING systems keep heat even after switching off the heating. Thus, they can reduce energy losses by up to 70%, which will mean big savings on your heating bill and air conditioning.


All of them incorporate a large inner reinforcement of galvanized steel, this makes them highly resistant to impact. The exclusive formula KÖMMERLING PVC achieves greater rigidity and resistance to external aggression.

Warranty and Environment

KÖMMERLING has a 10 year warranty on both their white profiles and color. In addition, KÖMMERLING products have the Aenor quality seal and have the greenline label that certifies its excellent ecological balance.

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