Glass for windows or doors

Glasses employ high strength, insulation and transparency

Glass for windows and doors

We work with Guardian glass, leader in the glass sector architecture. It has different finishes, thicknesses and strengths to cover all your needs.

ClimaGuard Premium

Low emission glass that combines outstanding thermal insulation with maximum light transmission.

LamiGlass Seguridad

LamiGlas® is an excellent barrier turn retaining the perfect transparency of the glass.

Guardian Sun

You can enjoy the sunlight with a feeling of wellbeing throughout the year, whatever the outside temperature.

LamiGlass Acústico

Acoustic LamiGlass® is a glass that combines excellent acoustic performance with all the benefits of traditional laminated safety glass.

What offer our glasses?

When choosing a system of windows or doors you must consider the following factors are decisive in the final outcome of your installation. And the further comfort and savings you will assume. Not just enough with a grid quality glass with is very important for the final result is optimal.

Acoustic isolation

Acoustic insulation is essential for a peaceful and comfortable home. Ensures proper rest and avoid stress situations sound that could harm your health and your family.

Thermal isolation

Glasses keep the heat even after switching off the heating. Thus, they can reduce energy losses by up to 70%, which will mean big savings on your heating bill and air conditioning.

Security and transparency

The glasses may have different levels of hardness depending on the end use to be set aside. They can be trafficable, security, solar protection, … but they must maintain a ratio of transparency and optimum visibility.

Warranty and Environment

Our glasses are made with the most modern processes and under all European directives manufacturing and assembly processes. We stay on environment in order to avoid harmful residues in the manufacture or processing of glass.